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Peace is one of the most important human values as it is the path that leads a country to progress and improvement. Given time, a free developed country is established, significantly benefiting the individual and society. That is why we see developed countries moving their country forward while striving to maintain and strengthen peace.

By: Zahraa Wifaq

There are many benefits to peace, which can improve the country's situation. One of the essential benefits is focusing on the land and not being preoccupied with other problems. This can be in the form of recognizing how to improve and develop a nation through establishing projects and organizations that shape it into a developed country in many respects. Additionally, it saves money and uses it to benefit the state, which improves the country's economic situation.

Ultimately, peace can provide a better life for youth by ensuring they are busy with their education and future. In return, they may help their communities by holding workshops and seminars to discuss societal issues, diagnose their causes, look at their damages, and discuss tangible solutions. Peace means life. Therefore, we notice that most countries that lack peace lack life. Its people are preoccupied with wars and conflicts instead of thinking about their future and their country's future. Therefore, we must strive to achieve, spread, and encourage peace. Through our actions, we can foster the establishment of peaceful societies in which no one is despised or humiliated.

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