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The Brutal World of Dog Fighting

Written by Cove Johnson Rabidoux

While the rates of organized dog fights have decreased dramatically in recent years, there are still underground dog fights around the world. These dog fights are dangerous and highly illegal activities that can cause serious physical and psychological harm to the animals involved in them. So what exactly is dog fighting?

Dog fighting is a cruel and inhumane form of animal abuse that has been around for centuries, however, dog fighting was banned in the United States in 1976. But that doesn’t mean dog fighting no longer exists. Despite being a form of organized crime, dog fighting is still present. Dog fighting involves pitting two dogs against each other in a fight, sometimes to the death, for entertainment purposes and for the potential financial gain of the dog owners and others who are involved.

Dog fighting is an incredibly violent and barbaric practice that exists as a major problem in the world today. Around the world, dogs are being forced into fights against their will, sometimes drugged to make them more aggressive, and they often suffer horrific injuries or death as a result. The physical and psychological trauma that these dogs experience isn’t just inhumane but it can actually affect entire communities! Research has found that communities with frequent dog fights often have increased rates of violence and crime in the area.

Fortunately, there is hope when it comes to dog fighting and animal abuse. There are numerous ways to address this problem and work toward eliminating dog fighting. For example, you can write letters to governments advocating for legislation that makes dog fighting a criminal offense, and that those convicted should receive strict punishments. Furthermore, most animal welfare organizations conduct awareness campaigns to educate the public about the cruelty of dog fighting. You can additionally advocate for better animal protection laws that should be implemented to ensure that dogs (and other animals!) are not kept in poor living conditions, and aren’t bred solely for fighting or puppy mill purposes.

Overall, dog fighting doesn’t just affect the innocent dogs involved but it also has a serious impact on our society. It increases violence and crime, puts the public at risk, and causes emotional distress and trauma to those who are exposed to the activity.

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