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The Monsters Inside Your Bed

Everyone has probably heard at least one fictitious horror story about monsters that lurked underneath their bed when they were a child. The thought of such frightening creatures made us fear the dark and cover every part of our body, specifically our feet, with a blanket. However, these protective measures are useless against the real monsters that hide within our beds.

Most of the mattresses on the market are laced with toxic chemicals that can cause health issues. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are one of the monsters that can aggravate the respiratory system since they are emitted as breathable gases. Furthermore, flame retardants and odor repellants, essential components in most mattresses, are known carcinogens and neurotoxins. The cloud-like memory foam mattresses are also not safe from monsters. The glues that are used between the layers of foam emit VOCs.

Rather than hiding from these monsters, you can eradicate them by looking for nontoxic mattresses made from natural ingredients, such as wool and cotton. Also, ask manufacturers if the mattress has added flame retardants and if it is low-VOC certified. So, next time you are in bed and are scared of the monsters underneath it, remember that by lying on the mattress, they are already attacking you.

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