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Treasures beneath : Keezhadi Excavation

Keezhadi, a town in Tamil Nadu, is a southern state in India excavated by the Archaeological department of India and the state archeology department.

By: Sharon Rajapriya

Dating back to the Sangam era (Before Christ), Keezhadi is home to mysteries. It played a vital role in discovering the ancient Tamil culture and its origin. The first round of excavation began in 2015 and has continued till now. Skulls, pots, jewelry, expensive metal coins, Tamil — Brahmi scripts, and graffiti marks were found and sent to the archaeological laboratory in Florida for carbon dating.

The research has recently provided hints about the links between south civilization and the Indus valley civilization, which is a thriller amidst the unveiling of treasures. As the study enters its deep phase, the Tamil Nadu high court plans on expanding the excavation site.

Source : The Hindu: English

The ancient beauty has a message to convey, that nature was and is everything. Mother Earth is full of mysteries and blessings. Protect it as there is no planet B yet.

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Michelle Wisdom
Michelle Wisdom
Aug 03, 2023

Yet another proof of Tamil's originality and authenticity 😍😍👏👏

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