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Water Scarcity

Water is of great importance in the life of all creatures. It is an essential component of the Earth's environment. Every individual must receive a sufficient amount of water, and the lack of this percentage leads to problems that are harmful to humans and all living creatures.

By: Zahraa Wifaq

Considering that water is one of the essential natural resources on the Earth's surface because it constitutes approximately 71% of the planet and about 70% of its total body, its deficiency negatively affects many aspects of life.

According to UNICEF statistics in Baghdad, about three out of every five children do not have access to safe water services. As a result, many people may resort to using polluted water, which is a clear danger to their lives and causes diseases. In addition, many state buildings lack safe water, and some of them do not have access to water at all. Water is the main component of the human body, as the percentage of water in the body of an adult woman is about 55% and about 60% for adult men. The percentage of water in children's bodies is the most, as they are born by 78% and decrease to about 65% by one year. Therefore, lack of water puts their growth and nutrition at risk.

Basra, Iraq's main water source. Photo Credits: Alaa al-Marjani/Reuters

There are many solutions available that, if implemented in the right way, will be able to solve this issue. Firstly, avoiding wasteful use of water and recycling water after treating it in state-owned plants leads to reducing water shortages and providing safe and suitable water for consumption.

Secondly, groundwater is one of the critical sources of water, as it constitutes about 14% of the percentage of freshwater on the surface of the Earth and is considered the second source of it. Moreover, it is used in different fields; therefore, using it correctly by not exploiting its importance and underestimating its benefits contributes to solutions capable of solving the issue of water scarcity.

Third, finding a solution to water pollution may be a great reason to solve the problem of water shortage, as water pollution is widespread and should not be underestimated. Moreover, its damage is not limited to water shortage only, as it poses a threat to many marine organisms and is also a cause of the spread of diseases, so it must be treated in the possible ways.

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