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The LATW Virtual Exchange Program aims to provide international participants ages 11-18 with leadership opportunities and resources to empower them to discuss relevant social issues and work to make a difference within their communities.

Leadership Objectives

  1. Public Speaking: Participants will have the opportunity to develop their public speaking skills through multiple opportunities to connect with people from different countries, ask questions, and receive leadership training from public speaking professionals/coaches.

  2. Leadership Styles (5 voices): Learn the basics of the 5 Voices, learn your voice, the positives and negatives of each leadership voice, and how to work with others with different voices.

  3. Effectively Lead a Group: Students will have the opportunity to learn from professionals on ways to lead projects and implement them in the future successfully. 

  4. Make a Difference: ​​Participants will use the skills gained in the program to tackle local issues. The program will provide brainstorming opportunities and the option to work with other students and collaborate.


Family Iffat: LATW July Virtual Exchange 2021

Social Issue Objectives

  1. Educate: Participants will learn about five global issues prevalent around the world through discussions, projects, and research.

  2. Collaborate: Students will be paired into groups of 5-10 with one facilitator to learn about cultures, global events, and strengthen their international network.

  3. Discuss: Students will work with each other and discuss critical social issues as well as how they affect their communities.

Mauricio Discrimination.png

Mauricio, Peru: Discrimination Creative Project

Week 6 Leadership panel.png

Young Leaders Panel: Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) National Presidents Council

Professional Development

  1. Community: Students will have the opportunity to participate in Q&A sessions with community leaders and connect with them. Community leaders will share the work they are doing in the community, and give advice and tips for students to start their community change projects.

  2. Youth Leaders: Students will have sessions in which they will listen to and connect with youth leader panelists creating change in their communities. Previous speakers include students at Yale and Georgetown University.

  3. Professionals: Students will participate in sessions spotlighting industry professionals, and participate in workshops, motivational speeches, and Q&A sessions. In these meetings, students will learn more about potential career paths.

Cross-cultural Understanding

  1. Youth: Students will connect with youth worldwide during the virtual exchange programs. Participants will be grouped into small "families" of 5-10 students will include individuals from at least 3+ countries. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to meet more individuals during networking sessions, connection challenges, etc.

  2. Workshops: Students will participate in workshops promoting cross-cultural understanding, and share their cultures with other individuals. Additionally, activities such as a culture share-out night and diplomatic sessions will be incorporated to further cross-cultural collaboration.


Family Hiba: LATW January Virtual Exchange 2022

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