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In our increasingly globalized world, having a strong cross-cultural understanding is more important than ever. Unfortunately, many young people never get the opportunity to participate in an intercultural exchange or visit other countries throughout their youth. This leads to barriers in understanding, connection, and a divided community. Leaders Across the World aims to solve this problem by connecting youth for free through our six-week virtual exchange programs. We provide our participants with leadership and entrepreneurship training, a foundational understanding of global issues, and the opportunity to develop a strong international network. We are motivated to provide new, accessible opportunities for students to connect and share their outlooks. LATW aims to provide a safe space for youth to learn and gain lasting friendships. We encourage students worldwide to discuss and take action on critical issues in their communities. Our goal is to spread awareness of social issues and provide a platform for student leaders to explore relevant problems within their communities with peers worldwide and network with business and community leaders. 



LATW aims to develop community-minded global leaders who will inspire others to make a difference. We value a desire to make an impact and stepping up to change the world for the better.


Above anything, we value a strong passion for changing your community for the better. LATW actively tries to ignite this passion in youth and help them shape their passion into reality.


Our mission is to make cross-cultural learning a possibility for everyone, no matter your race, ethnicity, or background. We understand that knowledge is power, and work to build this power in youth worldwide.


We encourage and facilitate communication between youth. LATW prides itself on communicating with program participants to continue improving our curriculum and reflecting progress.


Leaders Across the World was founded in July of 2020 by Jean Lin after she participated in the Youth Ambassadors Program to Belize, fully funded by the US Department of State. This incredible opportunity allowed her to meet students from different countries and opened her eyes to the cultures, religions, and lifestyles of other individuals. It also ignited her passion for global connection. After speaking with people from all over the world, including countries like Belize, Iraq, Taiwan, Yemen, and Algeria, Jean worked with a diverse team to create a program with a curriculum that spotlighted social justice issues and included a platform where students could share their thoughts and personal experiences. Her passion for global change and love for meeting new people led her to found this organization. The lasting relationships and networks formed by Leaders Across the World have kept it going.

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