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The Regional Representatives program at Leaders Across the World was created to offer support to our students throughout the world. Regional representatives not only represent the members of the LATW family located in their region, but they also represent LATW as an organization! Their primary responsibility is to serve as a point of contact for LATW program participants based in their region. Representatives will aid the executive council in facilitating communication between our program participants and the executive committee. In addition, they will bring any issues that participants in their region face to the executive council, including technological issues, scheduling conflicts, or personal problems. 


  • Support student participants in the virtual exchange programs

  • Serve as a point of contact for LATW program participants

  • Potentially start a LATW chapter and run an LATW Instagram account (optional)


We are looking for passionate and hardworking youth from around the world to join our regional representative program! If you are good at problem-solving, enjoy meeting new people, and want to further your leadership skills, this position is for you!​


  • Earn volunteer hours

  • Be featured on the LATW website and Instagram page

  • Meet people from around the world

  • Gain valuable leadership experience

  • Develop communication, leadership, and project management skills

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