Virtual Exchange Program

A transformative, free, six-week experience connecting students worldwide to build cross-cultural understanding, develop civic power, and strengthen crucial skills to make a positive impact. Participants are paired into "families" with other youth from around the world to discuss and take action on different global issues. Students will gain cross-cultural experience, a global perspective, and leadership training from industry professionals. 

Family Amberle in the 2021 LATW July Exchange

Program Dates

July 11, 2022 - August 19, 2022

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Program Goals

  • Help students develop confidence in themselves

  • Empower students to create positive change in their communities and make an impact

  • Assist youth in building a strong global network

  • Establish a sense of global citizenship in youth

  • Build strong leadership skills

  • Create more interest and understanding of global events

  • Develop character

Program Eligibility

  • Age 11-18

  • Able to dedicate 2-3 hours per week

  • Have access to the internet and a digital device to communicate on

  • Passionate about social justice issues within your community

  • Interested in meeting new people and learning about global events

What People Say

Kamaria, Spain

"I had a great experience in this exchange. I was able to evolve my social skills, educate myself more on serious issues affecting everyone globally and practice team building skills during discussions. My favourite part of the exchange were the weekly discussions, I couldn't wait to meet with my group members to hear their opinions on global issues that I either have not thought too much about or were extremely passionate about. They allowed me to open my eyes to new ideas to create a change in my community and I'm very grateful for this experience. I would highly recommend giving this program a try if you want to develop your leadership skills and learn more about global issues while having discussions with people from different cultures; it will broaden your horizons and definitely make you a better person coming out of it."