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When we come together as one, anything is possible. In Fall 2022, Leaders Across the World set up the first-ever worldwide environmental event, Changemakers Across the World (CATW), to take hold of our future and share the power we all hold. Thirty fellows were selected worldwide to host a fully-funded environmental activity in September 2022. 

Our goal was to bring young people together from around the world to spread awareness of our rapidly changing climate, beautify our communities, and advocate for legislative changes. Each fellow was provided a small grant of up to $150 to implement their project.


Volunteers at a CATW trash cleanup in Olympia, WA

The Leaders Across the World team worked one-on-one with each fellow to develop their project, recruit volunteers, and ensure they hosted a successful event. As a result, our fellows implemented activities that ranged from tree planting in Kazhakstan to promoting sustainable menstruation in South Africa. 


In this initiative, fellows learned how to create a positive change in their communities, gained leadership experiences, developed a strong network of passionate leaders worldwide, and strengthened critical skills. As a result, fellows developed a more robust understanding of positively impacting their communities. In addition, by implementing a passion project, fellows could understand better how to engage volunteers, organize groups of people, and make a difference. Overall, our fellows impacted 3000+ people from 11 different countries. 

Composting Event in Eugene, OR

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