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Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming a LATW Facilitator. Facilitators will commit 2-3 hours a week, plan and organize a weekly meeting with their teams, and mentor participants. Facilitators must be in high school or beyond, have leadership experience, and be able to lead a group of 5-10 participants. An ideal facilitator is curious, empathetic, communicative, and works well with others. Working to empower youth from across the world through leadership opportunities, facilitators are vital to the success of LATW and highly valued members of our team! The deadline to be a facilitator for our March exchange is January 15, 2023 at 11:59 PM PST.


  • Be in high school or beyond

  • Be able to dedicate 2-3hours per week 

  • Be able to effectively lead a team


  • Manage a group of 5-10 students for 6 weeks.

  • Hold weekly meetings with assigned students.

  • Guide students through the curriculum, and help them navigate through the program.

  • Act as a resource for students in the 6 weeks if they have any questions/concerns.

  • Be the liaison between student participants and the Executive Board.


  • All facilitators will receive a Certificate of Distinguished Achievement at the conclusion of the virtual exchange program.

  • Receive volunteer hours for their work

  • Develop their leadership skills by leading groups of students.

  • Receive training, and work closely with the LATW Executive Council.

  • This is a highly selective position and a great resume-builder.

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