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Education Around the World

After almost ten months of attending school, children and teens worldwide can have a break from school in the summer. Many teens, especially in high school, are relieved; their constant workload, exams, and stress are able to cease for a few weeks. This upcoming school year, millions of children will be going back to school.

By: Zehra Raza

However, not everyone is fortunate enough to get access to education. According to UNESCO, approximately 258 million children and teens worldwide are not enrolled. In addition, many children and teens cannot obtain an education due to various factors, such as poverty, gender, war, and labor. For example, many families are so poor that the children have to work to help put some food on the table.

School can help children escape poverty and live better lives. For example, around 250 million children cannot read or write around the world today. Educated mothers can also be more aware of diseases, preventing children from dying. It is estimated that if all women obtained a primary education, then 189,000 women would be saved every year, and the under-fives death rate would fall to 15%.

Photo Credits: Edex Live

What are some ways to solve this problem? First, governments can create a financial plan for schools to receive funding. For example, school tuition can be reduced or even eradicated so children will be more inclined to go. Teachers can also obtain more training and become more qualified to teach while receiving more pay.

The next time we think about all the hardships during our school times, think about how millions of children wish to attend school every day. We are very fortunate to be able to obtain an education.

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