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Peru’s 50 Most Powerful Women

Fifty women are regarded as the most powerful in the country by Forbes Perú. They were selected based on their income, impact, influence, and what they do with it. This article is focused on the list published on August 24 titled Estas son las Mujeres más poderosas del Perú.

By: Irina Quispe

Credits: Paudal

The names appear in alphabetical order.

Adriana Giudice

Business. General Manager of Austral Group, a fishing company. President of the Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT) in Peru.

Ale Llosa

Business. Founder of KO Urban Detox Center, a company that offers emotional training and works in many Latin American countries.

Ana Cecilia Akamine Serpa

Economy. Chief Executive Officer of Financiera Confianza.

Ana Estrada

Advocacy. Psychologist and euthanasia activist better known for her support of a dignified death.

Ana María Brescia

Business. She is the richest Peruvian woman, owner of 30% of Grupo Breca.

Andrea de la Piedra

Business. Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Aequales.

Angélica Espinoza

Sports. She is the Taekwondo player who won the gold medal in Juegos Parapanamericanos Lima 2019 and Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Games.

Annaiss Yucra

Fashion. She is the winner of the Positive Impact Project of The Year in the edition 2022 of the Latin American Fashion Summit.

Aracely Quispe Neira

Science. She is a senior astronautical engineer and a member of the program James Webbes Space Telescope.

Carolina Botto

Business. Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Joinuss, a digital platform for buying tickets for different events.

Carolina Trivelli

Economy. She is a researcher focused on inequality and poverty issues currently working at Instituto de Estudios Peruanos.

Cinthia Varela

Business. Executive Director of Kunan, which aims to identify social and environmental entrepreneurship.

Cintya Añaños

Business. Chief Executive Officer of Industrias San Miguel (ISM), a drinks company with an impact on different Latin American countries.

Claudia Cooper

Economy. She is an economist who has chaired the Banco Central de Reserva del Perú’s board of directors since 2019.

Claudia Llosa

Culture. She directed the award-winning film La teta asustada, and was the scriptwriter as well.

Diana Ibarra Rake “Didi”

Fashion. She is an influencer and founder of the magazine Dolce Placard. She has been a part of many fashion weeks in Europe.

Doménica Obando

Business. Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Talently, a startup that connects global companies with tech talent in Latin America.

Gisella Orjeda

Science. This biologist is a former president of Consejo Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación Tecnológica (Concytec). She is currently president of En Órbita.

Gladys Tejeda

Sports. She is an award-winning long-distance runner. She ranked first place at Juegos Bolivarianos Valledupar 2022.

Ileana Tapia

Business. Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sicurezza, a company that is regarded as the best female entrepreneurship by Women Entrepreneur Week.

Inés Temple

Business. President of LHH DBM Perú and LHH Chile.

Janine Belmont

Business. Chief Executive Officer of Yanbal, a cosmetics sales company with an impact in the United States and other countries.

Karina Pacheco

Science. She is an anthropologist, researcher, and writer of many novels, such as Las orillas del aire, La voluntad del molle, and El año del viento.

Kimberly García

Sports. She won two gold medals in the World Athletics Championships Oregon 22 (20 kilometers race walk and 35 kilometers race walk).

Lidia Cortez

Advocacy. She is an entrepreneur who spreads the advantages of local crops, especially quinoa, yacón, kiwicha, maca, and cañihua.

Liliana Mayo

NGO. Founder and Executive Director of Centro Ann Sullivan del Perú. She received the Order of the Sun, the highest award in Peru.

Liliana Rojas-Suárez

Economy. President of Comité Latinoamericano de Asuntos Financieros (CLAAF) and professor at the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University.

Luciana Olivares

Business. Chief Executive Officer of Boost Brand Accelerator.

Luisa Villar Gálvez

Sports. Former swimmer and President of Asociación Nacional Paralímpica del Perú (ANPPERÚ).

Mariana Alegre

Advocacy. Executive Director of Lima Cómo Vamos, whose aim is to improve citizens’ quality of life.

Mariana Costa

Advocacy. Chief Executive Officer and founder of Laboratoria, a company focused on filling in the gender gaps in technology.

Mariella García

Business. Chief Executive Officer of Ferreycorp.

Marilú Martens

NGO. National Director of Care Perú, a non-profit organization focused on social project development.

Marina Bustamante

Business. Founder of Renzo Costa, an emporium that sells leather goods.

Marlene Molero

Advocate. Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of GenderLab, whose aim is to promote gender equality in Latin America.

María Teresa Ocampo

Advocate. Chef who promotes Peruvian cuisine around the world. Founder of Asociación Gastronómica Peruana.

Mercedes Correa

Fashion. She uses her designs to highlight Peruvian customs and traditions. She is an ambassador of Marca Perú.

Pía Bravo Arenas

Advocate. Execute Director of Presente and part of LinkedIn’s Top Voices LGBTQI+ Latin America.

Pía León

Gastronomy. This chef, who founded Kjolle, was recognized by the British organization The World’s 50 Best.

Renata Flores

Culture. She is a singer, composer and actress who promotes pop in quechua. She was selected as part of the most influential latinas by Hola USA.

Rosanna Ramos-Velita

Economy. President of Caja de los Andes, which is focused on the poorest of Puno (Peru).

Rosario Bazán

Business. Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Danper.

Roxana Barrantes

Economy. Member of Banco Central de Reserva del Perú’s board of directors.

Roxana Quispe Collantes

Culture. She is the first Peruvian who defended her thesis in Quechua (Runasimi).

Ruth Shady

Culture. Director and founder of the archaeological project at Caral, which is regarded as America’s oldest civilization.

Socorro Heysen

Economy. Superintendent of Banca, Seguros y Administradoras Privadas de Fondos de Pensiones de Perú (SBS).

Sofía Carrillo Zegarra

Advocacy. She is best known for her support of Afro-Peruvians.

Susana Baca

Culture. Singer and composer. Afro-Peruvian music icon. Disciple of Chabuca Granda.

Theresa Ochoa Woodell

Science. Director of Instituto de Medicina Tropical Alexander Von Humboldt of Universidad Cayetano Heredia (UPCH).

Wendy Ramos

Culture. Scriptwriter, actress, and clown. Foundational member of the theater company Pataclaun and Fundación Bolaroja.

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